Bath time for Baby- Reviews and Recommendations

When it comes to a newborn baby, there are many attractive options for bathing them. Many of these options are more of a hassle than functional for a new parent.

When I was pregnant, I was determined that i was going to become a parent fully prepared for anything that life may throw at me. I had already ordered a bath for my baby off of a well known online site.

Option One: Bloomin’ Bath

The first option I went with was the “Bloomin Baby Bath”. Many of you have probably seen this being advertised on Facebook or Instagram advertisements as the best bath for baby, they show babies lounging and smiling in the flower shaped support. This bath retails for 59.99 CAD. You place it in your kitchen sink to bathe you baby in. It is made of foam, covered in a soft material with mesh on the back of it.blooming-bath-a-flower-shaped-baby-support-for-sink-baths-0

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I tried to use this with my baby girl once she arrived home from the hospital. Babies are not a fan of being bathed in the first place, but with this there was no support what so ever. It turned bathing a baby into a two person job, my other half and I both had to help when using this bath and our arms were twisted and tangled like we were playing a game of twister. After the chaos that was trying to clean our baby, we had to deal with the actual bath. Since this bath was made completely of foam, all of the water that was in the sink was now soaked up in the flower. We squeezed as much water as we could out of the flower, then left to air dry. The air drying process took about 2-3 days. At this point we were fed up with the extra work this caused. It was also not ideal for our lifestyle, my other half works very long hours and we were unable to bath our child with one person which simply would not work.

Option 2: Primo Euro Bath Tub

The second option we tried was the “Primo Euro Bath”, this is a bucket tub style bath. On Amazon the price of this is $28 CAD. This is a very affordable option.


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This bath seemed to work good for our needs, but for a very short time. This Bath Tub advertises to be for ages 0-6 Months. This bath did not even last her two months! We are a tall family, my other half and I are both just under 6ft tall. This meant that our baby girl was tall when she arrived. By just under two months, our girl was too long to fit in this bath and she was unable to kick her legs freely as she then wanted to. I found that this was very unfortunate, we were now on bath number two and still unable to find a solution that worked for us.

Option Three: Jolly Jumper Bath Eze Bath Accessory

After all of the frustration of trying to find a bathing solution, I stumbled upon the most unexpected best option and it was found on the shelves of Walmart. It is the Jolly Jumper Bath Eze Bath Accessory, the price is $4.99 CAD. it is a metal frame with an entirely mesh covering that you place inside your normal bath tub.


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This is by far the least pretty of the three options I had tried with our girl, but by far the best. The mesh on the metal frame was very comfortable for our girl. The frame held her head out of the water of our bath tub and provided her extensive support. She was able to kick out her legs and splash freely. This was the most cost savvy of the three options and the most effective.

I wish there had been someone telling me the pros and cons of the different options that I had available when purchasing the first bath for our new baby and I wish that I knew then what I know now. This is only one Mother’s opinion on the subject, so take my advice at your digression. In the end it is your choice, this is just my experience.

Thank you for reading!

Olivia Rose






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